US Cheapness Scaled ETFs: Historical Performance Review

US Cheapness Scaled ETFs

On December 21, 2023, we took a snapshot of the ratings & rankings generated by our US Cheapness Scaled ETFs Tool.

Key Highlights of this Strategy:
Strategy Focus: In this list, we ranked every US ETFs based on whether the ETF has gotten cheaper or pricier at the time of snapshot. To this, we mix in our proprietary risk score. This risk score helps us identify really great bargains that are also lower in risk. Always remember, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good but can help identify value ETFs when they become a bargain.
Risk Management: This list shows all ETFs with appropriate risk score where 1 means lower risk and 10 mean highest risk.
Data-Driven: Leverages our AI Algo Engine with a proven advanced analytical capability and probability measures for outperformance.
Historical Insights: Offers access to past performance data for informed decision-making.

This compilation below showcases the latest ETF prices on the date of snapshot. Our AI-driven algo performs extensive analysis, regularly surpassing benchmark industry performance, demonstrating our exceptional analytical capabilities.

We didn’t set out to merely show what the tool can analyze but rather track the performance based on this Cheapness Scaled Model. While the stock market will remain unpredictable, we bring these kinds of tools to make sense of what is happening or has happened in the past so you can be ready for the future.